A dedicated Austria guide: a short story – about me!

When I talk about myself I have to think of Gustav Klimt who said: ´as a person I am not overly interesting´! For this reason I will only give you a short summary of myself and what I do:

Many years ago I finished my schooling specialising in the History of Art as I loved anything to do with architecture, history and paintings. However my passion for learning languages was stronger and I decided to do a degree in translating and interpreting in Spanish and French at the University of Vienna.  After graduating I worked for a while in steel export and then by chance I entered the tourism sector. I went on to pass the certified exam to become an Austrian guide and now I can work anywhere in Austria! I have finally found a job where I can bring all my interests together!

I love working for and with people, introducing a new area to someone and organising and managing everything! My workplace starts in the middle ages with castles like Aggstein and continues with monasteries from the barock era such as Melk and Göttweig abbey. I travel from idyllic places in the Wachau through the mystical Waldviertel to the hills of the Weinviertel  and on to Vienna to enjoy the cultural highlights of our capital. Can anyone imagine a better place to work?

 I look forward to meeting you and your Group!

Monika Hauleitner


Hintergrund Ruine Dürnstein